Tuesday, March 23, 2010


my eyes feel like 'nak terbeliak.'
due to watching korean dramas 8 hours non-stop. =P
and last nite i slept at 3a.m. becoz of that dramas too.
heh.what a waste of time rite?

its not i'm the die-hard-fan of korean dramas.
i do like them.but i'm not an 'obsess-er'.
its becoz of a bit chaos deep in here.
few things distracting me..
i myself dont even know what actually the chaos-cause are..

dear problem-so-called-things.
plis.plis.go away. =(

i've to recover quickly.
profesional exam is coming.
i cant be like this.
really cant.!

*slapping own face*

chill chill chill!


Aja Aisha said...

mmg selalu laa rase cmneyh syiedah....
apekan daya...xdpt mhalang desire yg sgt tinggi kot... lepas tuh bru myesal..:(

sYiEdaH said...

2 la..haeh!