Saturday, March 31, 2012

homesick sindrome #1

doraemon,bring me home. :(

Saturday, March 17, 2012

a year wiser :)


23 y.o. T_T
how time flies so fast,baru semalam rase amek result upsr ;p *melampau betol* hiihi

thanks everyone for all the wishes,presents and everything. makan2 together really was awesome. i heart you guys :')

thankyouuuuu *touched :P *

thanks everyonee! *love love*

self-treated TF.nyum2

Alhamdulillah, im grateful that Allah still give me this chance to celebrate another birthday. I pray with this "aging",bring me closer to Him. Ameen. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

come back

assalamualaikum ::

helloooo anybody here.? fine blog dah besawang and maybe dah haunted sebab bekurun tak update. heee.why me no update? firsttly,malas. 2nd,malas. 3rd,intenet selowww gila. 4th,takde mase i bz you :P hehe.

well well,now im a year 3 dental student and life seems to be..,u know, hectic,busy bla bla what not.duhh nak start mengeluh nasib diri la ni.haih. -.-"

so untuk mengelakkan diri ini dari mengeluh nasib diri kat sini,i'd better stop here. because babbling wont even change my life sobss.

ok bye!

p/s:: title nak macam artis yg lame hilang pastu buat album come back kn.kih3 ;p